Alexander D. Wallin, Esq.

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Alexander Wallin is a vigorous litigator on behalf of employees who have been wronged by Corporate America. Mr. Wallin has helped resolve numerous wage and hour, class actions, Private Attorneys’ General Act actions, and individual discrimination lawsuits, allowing employees to finally obtain peace of mind after a terrible employment situation. Mr. Wallin excels at representing economically disadvantaged employees, who cannot afford to pay for legal representation on a retainer-fee basis.


Mr. Wallin takes a no-holds barred approach to litigation, leaving no stone unturned by conducting specially tailored investigations of employer misconduct by conducting depositions, and obtaining internal employer documentation via the discovery process. An active member of the Los Angeles County Bar Association – Employment Law Section, Mr. Wallin remains on the cutting edge of the rapidly evolving areas of wage and hour protections, and independent contractor misclassification. He is admitted to practice law before all California Courts, and the Central District United States Court.


Prior to joining LOYR, APC, Mr. Wallin represented federal employees facing unjust administrative discipline and discrimination. He also took the lead in motion drafting for a disability discrimination class action against a federal agency and helped negotiate a favorable seven-figure settlement on the eve of trial. Mr. Wallin even represented high profile executive employees from the public and private sectors, and has addressed municipalities on pending litigation in both closed-door, and open-door proceedings.


In his spare time, Mr. Wallin enjoys travel and is an avid board gamer.