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Roy K. Suh, Esq.

Roy K. Suh zealously represents plaintiffs in complex and individual litigation matters with an emphasis on employee wage theft, discrimination, harassment, and wrongful termination claims. Mr. Suh has directly litigated and resolved cases impacting thousands of California low-wage employees and high-earning professionals, obtaining judgments with a total economic value exceeding tens of millions of dollars, including multiple multi-million-dollar class action and six-figure individual cases.


Mr. Suh is passionate about fairness and justice. A native Angeleno, born to working class immigrants, Mr. Suh is a product of California’s public school system, who served meritoriously in the United States Army, including as an enlisted paralegal at the 75th Ranger Regiment, as a Green to Gold Scholarship cadet at the University of California, Berkeley, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in English, and who culminated his Active Duty career as a two-time company commander before attending the University of California Los Angeles School of Law where Mr. Suh obtained his Juris Doctor in Law in 2011.


During his career, Mr. Suh has fiercely represented plaintiffs across various industries, including against the world’s largest corporate-defendants, while providing free legal services to military veterans. Mr. Suh’s persuasive advocacy elicits praise from co-counsel and adversaries alike and he finds nothing more professionally rewarding than protecting and vindicating employee and consumer rights.


Bar Admissions:



U.S. District Court of California, Central District

U.S. District Court of California, Northern District

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