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We Are Your Employment Law Counsel



With our extensive combined experience in state and federal courts, the litigation lawyers at LOYR possess vast experience representing clients in all civil litigation matters.  Our practice areas include employment law, consumer class actions, personal injury cases, and business formation.  We are a boutique law firm that prides itself on creativity, tenacity, and focus on the individual needs of our clients.


We have obtained millions of dollars in judgments and settlements for our clients, but the large amount of money is not what we are after. We value our relationship with our clients, and always try to understand their individual needs and particular situations. 


Our individualized personal approach tp our clients is effective to resolve our clients' needs in a fashion that is best suited for each individual.  We pride ourselves on our innate ability to quickly and efficiently resolve our clients' legal problems.  However, we also recognize that each client and each case is unique and that pre-litigation settlement is not always feasible or in the best interests of our clients. We approach each case with our full attention and diligently litigate to ensure that the client obtains the best resolution possible.  


Our office represents clients in various different Employment / Labor law issues, including:


  - Wage and hour law violations and claims

  - Discrimination in workplace (based on race,national origin,

     age, gender, religion)

  - Sexual harassment

  - Retaliation claims

  - Meal and rest break violations

  - Overtime exempt violations

  - Wrongful termination claims

  - Failure to accommodate for disability

  - Employee misconduct


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